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Gas Management

Peregrine Mobile Bottling operates a counter-pressure Kosme/Krones wine filler in combination with a K+H Process Tech inline gas management skid.


With our set-up we carbonized still wine coming from a non-pressurized tank on the way to the filler. The K+H gas management technology safely carbonizes at temperatures which avoid condensation. This allows for a safe PS label application right after filling.


The K+H Gas Management Skid uses a hydrophobic Liqui-Cel membrane and proprietary software to control O2, CO2 and N2 in wines in a fully automatic mode. With a set CO2 target value the O2 and N2 content will be reduced to a minimum at the same time - it is a one-pass process. Please click here for video.

Our Professional Team provides cost-efficient, high-value results and strives for long-term relationships with our customers.

Pellegrini Wine chose Peregrine Mobile Bottling because of the “excellent dissolved oxygen management, positive pressure filler to help minimize carbon dioxide loss, and a troubleshooting staff who care immensely about customer service and performance within their jobs,” 

Credit: The Grapevine Magazine

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Charlie Fauroat

Wine Maker,
Pellegrini Wine

What We Provide for You


Peregrine Mobile Bottling has been offering Mobile Gas Management Services for wineries and cideries.

A German-engineered KH TEC CO₂-Membrane-System uses a hydrophobic 3M Liqui-Cel contactor associated with a proprietary software to adjust the CO₂ content up to 9g/l and reduce to DO and the N₂ of your wine at the same time. The unit is positioned between the product tank and the filler. All the gas adjustments take place at the same time while the product flows through the system in a single path.

In combination with this Kosme/Krones counter-pressure wine filler, Peregrine Mobile Bottling is offering a full service for your carbonized products. 

With that unique set-up, we can carbonized still wine coming from a non-pressurized tank on the way to the filler. The KH TEC Gas Management skid can safely carbonize at 55-58 °F which avoids condensation on your glass. This allows us to safely apply your screw cap and pressure-sensitive (PS) label right after filling.

Your Benefits

  • In-line carbonized your wine up to your aluminium Screw Caps closure pressure capability (up to 6 bars inside bottle pressure).

  • Remove Dissolved Oxygen (DO) and Nitrogen (N₂) from your wine

  • Very low oxygen pick-up during filling

  • Time and cost savings

Our Professional Team provides cost-efficient and high value results.

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