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Our Mobile Bottling Line has been designed from a winemaker’s perspective focusing on:

  • Lowest Oxygen Pick-up using KRONES counter-pressure filling technology

  • Most Attractive Shelf Appearance of your product by using a rotary labeler with electronic orientation capability to position your labels in-between bottle seams and

  • Facilitating the Bottling Project for your winery team by including all necessary utility generators and detailed, upfront project clarification

Our professional team provides turn-key services throughout the entire bottling project. We focus on cost-efficient, high-value results and strive for long-term relationships with our customers.

What We Provide for You

  • Bottle Rinsing (Sterile Air)

  • Counter Pressure Filling with Dual Pre-Evacuation

  • Corking & Screw Capping

  • Capsule Spinning and Shrinking Application

  • Rotary Labeling including Neck Label Capability and Electronic Bottle Orientation

  • Bottle Coding (Laser)

  • Case Sealing (Tape)

  • Case Labeling (Print & Apply Labels)

  • On-Board Utilities: Power, Nitrogen, Steam, Compressed Air

“For several years now, Peregrine Mobile Bottling has bottled two of our wines and I highly recommend their exceptional equipment and staff. From their gentle, state-of-the art filler, we have noticed a reduction in bottle shock, and their oxygen pick-up during bottling appears to be the lowest in the industry. The Peregrine Team is professional, efficient, and pleasant. I also enjoy hearing about their innovative ideas to bring new options and capabilities to their customers. Peregrine is taking mobile bottling to the next level.”


Molly Hill

Sequoia Grove Winery

Your Benefits

  • Lowest Oxygen Pick-up guaranteed through double pre-evacuation and sparging as part of the filling process

  • Better Shelf Appearance through precise rotary labeling application

  • Electronic Bottle Orientation to place labels in-between bottle seams or under a shoulder embossing

  • Laser Coding

  • On-board Utilities results in cost savings

  • On-board Utilities saves you bottling organization time

  • KRONES Engineered Bottling Line provides reliability and proven results

  • Our Unique Features bring quality and cost savings at competitive pricing

  • Multiple Services (filtration, bottling, commercial tents) from one trusted source if required

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