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About Us


As Vice President Western Division Sales for KRONES, the worldwide leading beverage equipment supplier, Thomas Jordan was asked by several premium wineries over a period of time why none of the existing mobile bottling companies used high-quality KRONES filling and rotary labeling equipment on their trailers.

For a winery the capital investment in a high-quality filler bloc and/or rotary labeler, which is necessary to fulfill many of the premium winery label specifications, can be significant.  With just a few weeks of bottling per year the Return of Investment (ROI) is in most cases not justified. However, since no existing mobile bottling operation offered such equipment, wineries either had to purchase new equipment themselves for a significant amount of capital or settle for lower quality.

Based on this requirement coming directly from the market and additional independent market analysis which confirmed the requirements, we decided to start PEREGRINE MOBILE BOTTLING, LLC and worked with KRONES to engineer our first mobile bottling production line.

Our Team



It is our belief that in a service business such as mobile bottling and filtration the quality of our team is of utmost importance to be successful. We pride ourselves on providing high-value services to the utmost satisfaction of our customers.

Thomas Jordan founded PEREGRINE MOBILE BOTTLING, LLC in 2008. He worked as a Vice President Western Division Sales at KRONES prior to staring PEREGRINE MOBILE BOTTLING, LLC. Throughout his career Thomas has acquired invaluable experience in start-ups, business development, sales and project management that is now transferred to PEREGRINE MOBILE BOTTLING, LLC.  At PEREGRINE MOBILE BOTTLING, LLC he combines his passion for wine, starting, building and growing businesses and his experience in the beverage equipment industry.

At PEREGRINE MOBILE BOTTLING, LLC we build and grow our team primarily based on positive personal, work and life attitude. In addition, we require work experience, knowledge/training in specific fields of our work and flexibility. Since all of our team members are in contact with our customers we consider good communication skills as essential.

We encourage people who are interested in working at a young, customer and technology oriented company with good growth opportunities to contact us. We are always interested in hiring good people.

“I use Peregrine Mobile Bottling because of the quality machines that are available on the truck.You can easily customize your bottling needs as the line is very versatile for bottle formats and closure types. Thomas is listening to your needs as a customer and is always trying to accommodate your requests and needs for improvements.”

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Arnaud Weyrich

VP Production & Winemaker, Roederer Estate

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